DROP IT BUSINESS BREAKFAST: Private tour of The Sustainable City

This 13th of November, Drop it started its ongoing series of members only Business Breakfasts, with a private presentation and tour of The Sustainable City. Karim El Jisr, Executive Director of SEE NEXUS, presented fascinating facts about sustainable living in the UAE. In the UAE, average CO2 emissions per year per capita reach 19 tons, which is 8 tons more than the global average of 7. The Sustainable City aims to reduce CO2 emissions per capita by 60-70% - through strategic passive and active design methods, including cooled biodomes for urban farming, energy savings by orientation (south facing walls and north facing facades with windows and balconies requires 25% less cooling), highly insulated UV reflective walls, windows, VRF airconditioning, energy rated appliances, LED light bulbs and solar panels, as well as the use of electric vehicles inside the community.
When completed, The Sustainable City will host 40,000 solar panel modules to create 16 million MegaWatt of energy and offset 40% of electricity needs. Other initiatives include segregating water into grey and black diversions, in order to create better efficiency for water used in washing machines, dishwashers or for flushing, considering each cubic meter of desalinated water has an estimated 7.6kg of carbon footprint. Thanks to efforts of recycling and repurposing (The Sustainable City's running track is made of disclaimed rubber from tyres), 87% of The Sustainable City's waste is diverted from landfill, compared to the UAE average of 80% waste going straight to landfill.