Our Bottles

Ordering, storing, lifting, invoicing and disposing of plastic bottles of water can become a thing of the past by implementing bottle-free drinking water dispensers with an in-built filtration system.

Join a growing number of businesses who are choosing to go plastic-bottle free and are enjoying the the taste of fresh-filtered water. The Drop it team completely supports its members through the transition to filtered tap water. Should you require to order reusable, toxin-free, plastic free bottles for home or the office, our wide selection of bottles aim to satisfy any style and budget, and can be branded with your company logo or any of your CSR messages. Please fill the form enclosed to receive our bottles catalogue and we’ll help along the way until you find the right bottle for your needs.

100% recyclable.
Toxin free.



Goumbook’s Drop it initiative is strictly a not-for-profit campaign, only aiming to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the UAE. In order to equip its members with the appropriate, high quality, efficient services for filtration, Goumbook partners with third party filter providers who offer different types of solutions to ensure each individual request is answered in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

under the sink filters

Ideal for domestic use, under-the-sink systems provide fresh drinking water straight from an existing tap. Filter changes are normally required once a year so under the sink filtration is a cost effective solution. Installation can be done very quickly and efficiently, and filters can be taken away if you leave your house and move.

counter top dispensers

Counter top dispensers are a great alternative to under the sink filtration solutions, for the home or the office, when space is limited. And if you are working in an office without access to running water, our partner filter providers offer counter dispensers with a container to collect ANY tap water and guarantee pure drinking water – hot or cold – being filtered on the spot. No installation needed except a power socket.

bottle-free dispensers

Perfect for offices and common areas, bottle-free dispensers offer a pleasant looking access to filtered water without the hassle, storage and pollution associated with classic bottled water dispensers. Available in different styles to fit any environment.

whole building solution

Central Reverse Osmosis system – For large houses, spas or gyms, a central RO filtration system is installed in a spare room and connected to up to 20 points in the house.

Water activation technology – Filtration is happening through a natural, ecological process and takes place at the main connection point of a building, allowing all indoor taps to become immediately drinkable.

food and beverage venues

Professional kitchens requiring cost-efficient water solutions for preparing food can count on solutions that offer filtration and access to boiling, cold and room temperature water instantly.

public and common areas

When larger groups need access to filtered water, a classic dispenser or tap are not enough, and water filtration has to provide large volumes of water on a continuous basis, and ways to make it accessible to multiple users simultaneously, while remaining clean, safe and convenient.

chemical free pools

Discover natural ways to reduce chemical exposure while keeping your pool safe, and chlorine free, thanks to an oxygen-based process of filtration.

Once you’ve dropped it...easy steps for residential filters

Our preferred service providers will contact you to schedule a time convenient for you to come and organize a feasibility study.

Once you have decided to make the switch, a technician will come and install your filters, which usually takes less than 1 hour!

Residential filters typically last 12 months to 5 years, giving you access to filtered drinking water throughout the year. Let us have your feedback - we value your thoughts and comments.

A record of all installations is kept and your preferred service provider will contact you to let you know when the filters are due to be changed in order to schedule a technician visit to replace your filters.

If you have any issues throughout the year, your preferred service provider can arrange a technician visit to remedy any issues.